Project Plans & Architecture

An educational sanctuary taking shape

The Assumption Academy Boys' School has released its latest architectural designs, generating excitement and anticipation throughout the community. These unfolding plans signify more than just physical structures; they represent Assumption Academy's unwavering dedication to cultivating an environment that fosters academic excellence and spiritual growth.

Construction & Materials Walk-through

Join Architect Ehmet Hayes (Robert Ehmet Hayes & Associates) as he walks us through the construction process of the boys' school. Discover the innovative use of 100-year materials, promising a low-maintenance school for generations to come.

Phase 1— Main school building

Features an elementary and high school with shared classrooms for electives like science and art. Below, a fellowship hall with full windows at the back offers potential for doubling the lower level classrooms in the future.

Phase 1 school floorplan

Phase 2— Gymnasium and Cafeteria

The lower level houses a full gymnasium, while the upper level features a walkway overlooking the gym. Additionally, there are band rooms, libraries, and other supporting spaces to enhance the educational experience.

Phase 2 floorplan

Phase 3— Auditorium

Our facilities will boast a 400-seat auditorium with sloped seating and a versatile two-way stage, allowing for performances facing either the gymnasium or the auditorium, providing flexibility for various events and functions.

A digital rendering of the assumption academy schoola 3D rendering of the proposed school design

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Update: JUNE, 2024

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