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Assumption Academy Boys' School

It is essential to equip young men with the will and strength to embrace their faith and fight for mercy and justice. 

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Assumption Academy is a Catholic boys' elementary and high school located in Walton, Kentucky, just 20 minutes south of Cincinnati, Ohio, and one hour north of Lexington, Kentucky.

To raise many Holy Priests, encourage religious vocations, and build Holy Catholic families, it is essential to equip young men with the will and strength to embrace their faith and fight for mercy and justice. 

Assumption Academy offers a comprehensive Catholic education firmly rooted in traditional principles, which have built Western civilization.

This commitment to tradition ensures that our students receive both academic excellence and strong moral guidance. Our curriculum seamlessly integrates faith into daily learning, fostering an educational experience that nurtures both the mind and the spirit of our students. 

Why build a new all-boys school?

  • Address the current space limitations
  • Accommodate the growing student population
  • Ensure educational continuity
  • Allow for future expansion
  • Reflect the strong community support for the Academy's mission

Space Constraints

The original school, located in the church basement, is insufficient for the current student population. The school lacks adequate space to teach Kindergarten through 4th grade, making it challenging to provide a conducive learning environment.

Rapid Growth

Since 2010, the parish community has experienced a five-fold increase in members, growing to over 1,500 parishioners. Similarly, the City of Walton's population has doubled over the past decade, reaching 5,600 residents. This rapid growth has led to an increasing number of students attending Assumption Academy, necessitating additional educational space.

Educational Continuity

Constructing a new school building will allow Assumption Academy to accommodate boys from Kindergarten through 12th grade, ensuring continuity in their education. The new facility will support the school's mission to provide an authentic classical Catholic education.

Future Expansion

The planned new school building includes phase one, costing $21 million, which will provide an elementary and high school with shared classrooms for electives and a fellowship hall. This design allows for future classroom expansion, ensuring the school can adapt to continued growth and changing educational needs.

Community Support

The school's income relies solely on goodwill donations from parents, parishioners, benefactors, school tuition, and corporate and individual contributions. Building a new school will demonstrate the community's commitment to providing quality education and encourage continued and increased support from donors.

Timely Implementation

Phase one of the new school construction is set to accept its first students by the 2028-29 school year, with phases two and three to be completed by the 2030-31 school year. This timeline shows a structured and strategic approach to addressing the immediate and future educational needs of the community.

In a world yearning for sanity, our schools play a vital role in shaping the hearts and minds of the next generation.

By the Numbers

Presently, Assumption Academy teaches 221 boys. The Dominican Teaching Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus of Fanjeaux educate 209 girls from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Collectively, our schools now serve 430 students.

A chart showing the church growing by 60%A chart showing student growth in numbers since 2012A chart showing planned construction milestones and school years


K-12 Boys

30 Students in 2010



5X growth since 2010

Assumption Academy Building Campaign

What we're doing to build our new school


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