Faith in Education

Education is a cornerstone of society’s well-being

In a world yearning for sanity, our schools play a vital role in shaping the hearts and minds of the next generation.

This sacred duty extends beyond mere communal interest—it is a call to uphold the values of our Catholic heritage.

At the heart of our educational mission lies the cultivation of faith, trust, and reverence for God’s teachings. Our curriculum, meticulously crafted by our education department, prioritizes spiritual formation alongside intellectual and physical development. Through the sacraments, religious instruction, and academic rigor, we mold students into devout followers of Christ.

Investing in Catholic education is not merely a practical decision; it is a sacred duty bestowed upon us by God. Just as our churches stand as beacons of our faith, our schools are bastions of traditional Catholic values. Despite our daunting challenges, history has shown that faith and generosity can overcome any obstacle. Like the construction of St. Mary’s Church, our new school project is guided by divine providence and the unwavering support of our community.

As we embark on this journey, let us do so with hope, prayer, and a steadfast commitment to preserving the timeless traditions of our Catholic faith. Let us embrace the future with faith and humility, trusting in God’s providence to guide us at every step.

—Fr. John Fullerton, US District Superior

Feature Videos

A closer look at assumption academy

Discover how the academy seamlessly integrates with parish life, sharing spaces for catechism and music classes while striving to provide a conducive learning environment.

Fr. Gregory Vincent PfeiffeR—
Assumption Graduate

"Catholic school is ultimately the greatest for education and why it's going to be the most perfect and so necessary"

our campaign

A new challenge: accommodate our growing student body.

A new all-boys school
School boys gather in front of the school

our school

Vibrant and dedicated, our programs  challenge the mind and foster intellectual growth.

inside the academy

our faith

A traditional Catholic faith that anchors  students with moral and spiritual guidance that lasts a lifetime.

Faith and education
A recent assumption graduate
Maximilian - 2024 Graduate

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